Loan Management

What Does A Loan Management Software Solution Offer?

As a loan provider, it is important that you have a proper loan management software (LMS) solution that can help you manage your clients and ensure that your loans are properly tracked.

Not only can a well-crafted LMS help ensure that delinquency is minimized and human error is eliminated, but it can also automate and expedite certain processes to ensure a more efficient operation overall, leading to a more successful lending business.

Here at AppliedLMS, we offer loan automation software that is comprehensive and follows a five-step lending process to ensure your lending business’s growth and make borrowing easy and dependable for your clients.

Let’s take a look at that process here.

Customer Onboarding

One of the greatest benefits of the AppliedLMS solution is that it provides an intuitive and easy-to-navigate loan management platform that facilitates seamless onboarding for your customers.

Loan Origination And Servicing

The AppliedLMS solution ensures that all necessary checks and flagging processes during loan origination are fully automated. By automating this part of the process, you can ensure that all the necessary steps are efficiently and accurately carried out without any fuss, significantly reducing the risk of errors in the loan approval process.

In addition, loan disbursement can be streamlined thanks to an automated approval process.

Reporting And Analytics

As our customer, your lending business will be able to receive comprehensive insights into its financial performance and then use this data to make informed decisions.

Through this, you can strategize for long-term success and ensure that any shortcomings are thoroughly rectified.


Our customers who use AppliedLMS will have access to an integrated marketing automation system that allows for communication with their audiences through predefined and custom emails.

This allows for enhanced engagement with clients and increases the chances of success in growing the business.

Collection Services

Delinquency is a problem for any lending agency, and our AppliedLMS solution can ensure proactive delinquency management. Our collection service modules can help you remain proactive in managing those who don’t pay their debts, minimize financial losses, and thereby contribute to the overall financial health of your lending business.

For more information on AppliedLMS and to see how it can benefit your lending business, contact us today. Our loan automation software can truly transform the way your lending business operates!