Loan Management

What Can An Online Loan Management System Offer Your Agency?

Having an online loan management system can significantly enhance your loan agency’s performance by helping to minimize delinquency and boost your profits through the miracle of automation.

You can fully automate various processes through such a system, ranging from customer marketing and messaging to loan origination, servicing, and collections. All of this can be done on one carefully crafted platform that provides military-grade security and a range of valuable features and functions to ensure total loan servicing and improved operational capabilities.

Such a system is designed to enable small- to medium-sized lending agencies to offer features that put them on a par with large-scale lenders with access to superior resources. 

Let’s look at what the Applied LMS loan management system can offer your agency.


Borrowers who default on their payment schedules can be better managed through our collections module. With Applied LMS, you can ensure the timely issuing and receiving notifications regarding missed payments. These customizable SMS and email message services allow you to manage falling behind borrowers.


The system also allows for the automated generation of collection agency-style reporting so that you can better manage delinquent borrowers. These reports are exportable in different formats, depending on your operational requirements. 

Payment Scheduling

The collections module also allows customers to manage payments to reschedule or defer them quickly when they hit a bump. Customers will have the option to restructure their loans to create a better match for their particular financial circumstances.


One of the most attractive features of the Applied LMS loan management system is that it can provide an automated underwriting process, thereby enabling both new and existing customers to enjoy a more secure process that is faster and more efficient. 

Lead Generation and Origination

Grow your business and reduce delinquencies by 75% by providing a complete lead generation and origination form that doesn’t need any customizing, owing to its capability to be adapted to an iFrame or used as-is. 

The Applied LMS generation and origination capability provide access to multiple lead sources thanks to a simple setting present in the software. In addition, the best leads can be identified through the precise verification process embedded in the software. This allows for automated approval or denial of applications based on various settings that you can customize to suit your agency.

For more information on the Applied LMS automated loan management system, contact us today to ensure a more efficient agency primed to overcome loan delinquency.