Loan Management Software

Why Our Loan Management Software Is The Best

In the current economic climate, with high inflation rates and cost of living, many people are turning to online lenders to help them overcome their short-term financial difficulties. 

Here at Applied LMS, we offer the best loan management software option on the market because we are aware of customers’ demand for online lending, and we want to make sure it is as painless as possible for them because that’s what drives customers into your arms. 

We know how important it is that customers find online lenders that make their lives easier, not more difficult. Going to the bank, standing in queues, and filling out endless paperwork are quickly becoming a thing of the past. 

In the modern era, lenders are increasingly going online. Particularly those who can offer quick and easy short-term loans that help those in financial trouble sidestep the usual draconian requirements surrounding credit checks and other arduous administrative red tape.

Our product ensures that you, as an online lender, can offer your customers the best possible service and product. Here are some reasons why Applied LMS is your preferred loan management software solution provider:

Automatic Loan Origination

Our software solution provides excellent designs that feature online forms to help automatically originate loans. This allows borrowers to simply fill out a loan application form on the platform, where the relevant information is collected and processed. Through a data verification process, the borrower is automatically verified and validated using our patented technology and data processing capabilities.

Among these functions is the ability to verify employment and identity and even perform a rudimentary credit check. This automated system features advanced algorithms that help determine the borrower’s eligibility and ability to repay the loan. This verified information allows the system to make credit decisions, automatically expediting approval. 

You can predetermine these parameters and the required information, adjusting them according to your specific requirements. Terms and conditions also accompany the loan origination.

In addition to the loan amount, the interest rate, applicable fees, and repayment period can be set and automated, which the borrower can electronically review and accept.

Automated Underwriting and Administrative Services

Our system even allows for the automatic underwriting of loans, with the option to transfer the loan to administrative services for review. If any red flags or queries are associated with the automatic process, the loans can be passed on to a team of humans who will assess the loan. 

Our system also handles collections and can help customers figure out payment restructuring if they have trouble repaying their loans. This lets you offer an online lending business with minimal staff and overheads.

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